Caterham Food Festival.


What happened to the weather, guys? At the weekend, it was verging on 30C and so, so, so warm – this morning, I’ve woken up to endless drizzle. It makes me grizzle!

I did get some enjoyment out of the weather, though. On Sunday, my little Surrey town had it’s own food festival, including lots of European market stalls for food, clothing and crafts. Plus a lot of informative stalls such as the local supermarkets’ approach on fair trade products. There was a lot of free stuff to try and test so I didn’t even need to buy much to eat, in the end. Quite convenient. My favourite stall was my local tapas place’s quick-fire attempt at getting in on the action. It was so cute though. You could tell that they felt left out and had just dragged a table and a chair from their restaurant and hauled out whatever they’d been cooking at the time – in this case, tortilla and paella. Mmmm! Later on, they came back with samples of serrano ham, and a shedload of churros. Plus buckets and buckets full of beer. They had the best prices in the market (£2 for a massive bowl of paella, when a couple of stalls up it was £3.50 for less, sweet) and were the friendliest people there. I love my little town!

[T-shirt – eBay | Skirt – some shop in Dubrovnik, Croatia | Shoes – Converse, via ASOS | Bag – New Look]

This is exactly how I want to dress all summer – for at least when it’s warm, anyway! Bare legs, flat shoes and sandals, t-shirts and vests, and my drawstring bag from New Look which I only bought a couple of months ago but has probably had more wear than bags I may have bought two years ago. It’s funny that when you find something you really love, you love it to death. I’m always feeling that I should have bought two of something sometimes.

After me and Phil trawled the market for a little while, we went and sat at a park (by park, I mean a patch of grass and some swings) just away from the action while we waited for a couple of friends. It started raining – hooray, England – and we drank paper cups of tea to pass the time. I incorporated so many of my favourite things into one day, I was so happy. The only thing downing me was that I had a stinking headache all day. Meh.

After a little while, our friends Phil (I know, two Phils, so confusing) and Gwen turned up and we scaled the festival once more, picking up some honey nuts and free olives! There was a whole hog roast which when we saw it first was a whole pig, then as we came away from the festival we noticed it was just a few bones. We all headed back to our flat for cups of tea, Doritos, and happy hundred-mile-an-hour World Cup talk. I can’t wait for the tournament to start so we can have lots of friends over the flat or meet up at local pubs to watch the matches. I’ve even got my face paint all ready to draw England flags on my cheeks. I think the World Cup is the perfect time to be really patriotic, and I am massively hoping for an England win. I think it would be a memory I’d never forget – being 22, with all my friends and my boyfriend, watching England win. I think I would cry!

I apologise in advance for the soppiness! I just want to dedicate this little tail-end of the post to the one I love most in the world, Phil. He puts up with my tapping away at my laptop either blogging, editing photos, or finding things to write about and takes a good chunk of all my outfit photos. He doesn’t understand why I do it and sometimes whines a little but he gets on with it regardless and I am very thankful for his help. Sometimes it’s hard to get a genuine smile infront of a tripod so you can probably tell in my photos when I’m being photographed by him. I do love him tonnes. We’ve been together two years come the 26th of this month, and I can’t wait to spend another two years plus many, many more with him. Aw!

11 Responses to “Caterham Food Festival.”

  1. 1 Anisha

    Oooh, I see a German flag right there!
    I wish we had more festivals like that around here; our annual uni summer festival is a mix of cultures but that’s about it.

    Definitely looking forward to the World Cup as well. We got our new work uniform for the next four weeks yesterday – soccer jerseys :D
    While I’m definitely rooting for Germany, my ‘back-up’ team has to be England!

    • 2 Kate

      Anisha, but what will you do in the inevitable Germany vs. England match? ;]

      • 3 Anisha

        Depends on whether or not Germany played decent or was only very lucky in tournament. If they work for their victories, I’m behind them – if not, I’m all for England giving them a nice kick in the butt :)

  2. 4 Helen

    Ah I love food festivals and markets! It looks like so much fun. Haha I giggled when you wrote about him whining a little, Scott whines a little when I get into reading all my blogs and commenting on them all, but he tolerates it :) aren’t they great!

    • 5 Kate

      Haha, they’ll do Helen, they’ll do ;] And goodness knows how much I help him with his multiple hobbies. Photographing him mountain biking, photographing his band! He hasn’t got a leg to stand on, hehe.

      I know what you mean. Anything food-related, and I’m sold. I *drool* over your baking posts!

  3. 6 Helen

    I adore food festivals. We have a massive Christmas Market in Manchester every year and by the time it gets to November I’m counting down the days waiting for the food stalls to arrive!

    Also, I now want a strawberry tart more than anything else. Damn it! x

  4. Those tarts look Uh-Ma-Zing. This rain has been very disappointing I have to say, but then it is Glastonbury this weekend so it sort of had to rain!

  5. 8 Leia

    looks like fun! :)

  6. 9 japantoypanic

    nice outfit, we have the same t-shirt :)
    you & your boyfriend look so cute togheter!
    .. and those strawberry sweets are making me hungy lol

  7. hey my dear thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    fantastic photos! esp like the last one! Love your hair colour (I have a bit of a redhead obsession!) :) xo

  8. Wow that is strange, I drove right past this on Sunday! Had planned on visiting but needed get home to my Mums house. My Dads flat is down the road from there lmao.

    I like the outfit, it’s nice and simple :) Especially liking the Converse, never seen that shade of blue before.

    Looking forward to the football today, c’mon England!

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