Group C: England 1 – USA 1.


I wasn’t originally going to do this. In fact, when I tossed some clothes into a bag to throw on after work, I didn’t even realise that they were primarily red and white – the colours of the England flag – and a funny little thought flashed through my head. Wouldn’t it be cool if I had a themed outfit (minus all the cheesy ‘En-ger-land’ football shirts) for every England match during the World Cup? I wasn’t entirely sold on my outfit last night – it looked really plain and was more comfort than anything, but then in a tweet back-and-forth with Fritha from The Fish Tank earlier on, I was convinced that I could jazz it up a little and not leave it so tired looking and behold, it worked.

This is a rehash of an outfit I wear quite often. I love black and white stripes with red highlights; I find it really poppy and the red stands out so much, and it doesn’t quite work with any other colour. When I can’t really be bothered to piece together a proper outfit but I actually want to make an effort, this is what I come to. I have enough red tanks, vests and bandeaus to keep this going for about a week. Plus the tunic is super comfortable. It’s actually from River Island – a place I umm and ahh over a lot. You see, I do actually love their items from afar, but when I get up close, there’s always some tacky embroidery or words in garish print that really, really put me off. I bought this well over a year ago and searched for it high and low before I found it – the last in my size – by chance in the store in Canterbury. Only now have I noticed the teeniest tiniest highlighter yellow phrase emblazoned on one of the pockets but it’s too small to notice. Thank God.

[Tunic – River Island | Vest – American Apparel | Shoes – ASOS | Flower – Primark | Belt – vintage]

(Hopefully, nobody noticed the slight American slip-up I had with my outfit! I assume everybody was too busy crucifying our goalkeeper to care.)

These two red accessories are what jazzed up my outfit. When I wore the clothes last night, all I could be bothered to muster up were my trusty black chain flats with my greatly-in-need-of-a-cut hair down. If I’d had more of a chance to think about this (tough when you’re awake at 7am, totally not even ready for a long day at work, let alone picking an outfit for the evening) then I would have loved to don these additions. I rarely do anything with my hair but after having this flower tied in a side ponytail, I’m really into the prospect of wearing my hair like this all summer.

How did everybody else enjoy the first England match of the World Cup? We went to our local pub which was jam packed to the rafters – four deep at the bar before kick-off – but with one of the best atmospheres ever. Every so often, somebody would sound a klaxon or blow their free trumpet from The Sun to the sound of the England tune – you know, that annoying dun-dun-dundundun one you can do with your car horn. Everybody absolutely raised the roof when Heskey was substituted for Crouch. Seems Crouchy is a little bit of a local hero around here, though who knows why. I do have a bit of a soft spot for him though. No, really.

Such a shame about goalkeeper Green’s butterfingers though. If he hadn’t have let go of the ball when it was fired at him, then the USA wouldn’t have drawn and we would have won. Although as everybody keeps saying, we drew in our first match in 1966 (the last – and only – year we’ve won) so it’s “still our year”. I was even feeling sorry for the poor bloke until I read that he’d made more errors leading to goals than any other player in the Premier League last season. Get him off!

Bet you never knew I was into football, huh? I’m into rugby more, really! I’m thinking of doing a ‘Things You Didn’t Know About Me’ post soon, since I don’t have much of an About Me section and I’ve gone quite a long while without really telling so much about myself. Not sure whether anybody would be interested though! But keep your eyes peeled if you are ;]

As traditional Sundays go, I’m off to complete mine with a big ol’ roast dinner. Catch you soon!

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2 Responses to “Group C: England 1 – USA 1.”

  1. I think this is my fav of all your outfit posts! Lovely, lovely, lovely. I’m ALL over flowers in my hair recently. Trying to find the perfect one for my wedding! Eee!

    Let me know your days off over the coming weeks. I miss you!

  2. Love the flower! It really brings the whole outfit up a notch from cute to wow! I like the idea of football themed outfits – I’m not much of a football fan, so it will definitely make the world cup more interesting for me!

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