Simple Pleasures In The Kitchen.


I apologise if this is a little out of the ordinary but I was actually thrilled to do a non-fashion related post – and so I present to you one of my other massive crushes. Food.

01. Grab your pasta. My favourite is linguine, but spaghetti would easily suffice.

02. Push it down into some boiling water with olive oil until it warps like a record in the sun.

03. Assemble your other ingredients. Any herbs will do but my personal preferred combination is parsley, tarragon and garlic pepper. I’m too chicken to experiment!

04. Pray to the kitchen messiah. We’ve all got one. Mine happens to be a pink plastic bag from Lazy Oaf.

05. Try not to leave the fridge open like yours truly, the airhead, here.

06. Do the cool, beat happening, bust-a-movin’ bang-bang tune on the side of the saucepan. Don’t be afraid to make a racket, you’re doing your thang. Note: never before captured on photo, this is what real noise looks like.

07. The taste test! There’s actually no point to this. You will always know it’s not soft enough before you’ve put it in your mouth but by now you’re so hungry, you have to have a strand just to fuel you to the end. You’re nearly there!

08. Turn your pasta into a simply pleasurable masterpiece. Toss your herbs with olive oil (or, if you’re having a naughty moment like me, Utterly Butterly) and be proud of your five-minute meal like it’s the most bellisimo thing you have ever created.

09. Okay, close the naffing fridge already.

10. Saving the best part ’til last: make a fort in your bedroom. Eat your delightful dish laying on your belly under your bedcovers, in front of America’s Next Top Model on your laptop. Who cares if this is bad for you? You’re happy, fed – and now totally ready for bed.

Share with me! What is your favourite I-could-make-this-with-my-eyes-closed five minute meal?

3 Responses to “Simple Pleasures In The Kitchen.”

  1. Wow! This post made me hungry! I just might go ahead and try this! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. 2 Helen

    King prawn and pea risotto. I can’t stop eating it at the moment. Onion, garlic, chicken stock, arborio rice, peas, king prawns, parmesan. Done.

  3. 3 Becky

    Spinach, sardines and a slice of toast. Microwave frozen spinach for 3 minutes, make toast, drain tin of sardines, and you’re done! Perfect meal for when you’re feeling lazy (though can be slightly dangerous when you have a cheeky cat like mine, who will steal the sardines if I leave them unattended…)

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