Where The Better Wind Blows.


Greetings! Usually I can’t begin a welcome with that saying without adding either ‘…and salutations’ (of Heathers fame. 1980s Christian Slater *swoon*) or ‘…from Sh*tsville’ (of my beloved Wildhearts fame; what a tune). Today I am doing my damnedest to leave it at a short and sweet greetings. This is just the tip of the iceberg on how I sometimes really don’t know how to start blog posts at all. But it got your attention, right? (I hope.)

I’ve dreamt up this outfit for a while. Before I put the clothes on my body, it kept striking me how both major parts of the outfit – the shirt and the dress – are at the moment huge trends in the UK. Would I look like every other girl on the British high street? Well, when I was finally wearing the outfit today, I looked in the mirror and felt a teensy bit unique. I even took it to Croydon high street and didn’t see a single person who dressed remotely like me. I’ll admit, this isn’t difficult in Croydon where most people opt for crazy neon bright legwarmers and tutus or jeans falling down past their pants, but don’t cloud my little achievement. I felt hip, for once.

[Dress, Shirt & Shoes; Primark | Hairband; H&M | Ring; Topshop]

I’m a bit of a Primark walking advertisement today, it seems! Don’t knock it, though. I’d never deny myself the glory of Primark. I can’t believe I used to have such a love-hate relationship with that place – and sometimes still do. When I was 16/17, I wouldn’t even go in there because I thought it was just “Mum stuff”. When I was 18, however, it suddenly got cool? Either that, or I realised what I was missing. It really exploded when the LiveJournal communities – think Facebook groups and pages, but oldskool – for both Primark and the whole UK High Street were set up (The High Street is still going and was set up, in part, by Blair; have that for some cool information). Likeminded British girls posted up photos of things that they’d bought and the interest spiralled onwards and upwards from there. Let me tell you one thing – I probably wouldn’t be blogging here at this little space of mine if it wasn’t for LiveJournal and communities like The High Street – it was my first foray into expressing my favourite fashion fixes. Seriously, check out these two pages if you want a giggle – and please note that this is January 2006 we’re looking at, here! (Ooh, also, I still have that leather jacket and those silver flats in the second post, :D) It was how I got to know and admire lovely ladies like Blair and Bee and Helen and Katie. A year before I even gave a damn about what I was wearing, I sat at my ancient computer at 6:01 PM waiting for the very slow dial-up to do it’s that. The connection was probably only 56kps and it just made the internet so irritating and boring. Who knew how much it would eventually impact my life in so many little ways?

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3 Responses to “Where The Better Wind Blows.”

  1. I love this! That ring is the cutest, and I think you’re wearing the trends in a really unique and individual way!

  2. Love the dress! I haven’t been to Primark for ages, every time I go I end up buying half the shop haha.
    The ring is gorgeous too :)

  3. 3 Helen

    I love your bit about the highstreet community! It was that that got me into blogging too. I miss it’s hey days sometimes but I think the anonymouse community spoilt it all for me. Oh well. I still pass by now and again. (and lol at the ridiculous oths posts)

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