Meet Me In The Dollar Bin.


Ode to Les Savy Fav! For the last few days, I’ve had them on repeat literally without stopping. It’s been several months since I heard a LSF track but as soon as I had their album Let’s Stay Friends on the other day, I was re-hooked.

This Topshop dress, well, I found it on eBay well over a year ago. I was more than chuffed when I spotted it going at £4.50 with only an hour left – and hardly any views with NO bids. It added to the fact that I’d seen this dress in Topshop not long before and absolutely fell in love with it; however, the hefty £45 price tag meant I had to kiss goodbye to my pretty floral frock. Until that lucky eBay day. Two days later, the dress was in my hands and for once, I felt like a true bargainista.

[Dress; Topshop, via eBay | Shoes; Primark | Hat; Peacocks | Watch; present]

I have no difficulty when it comes to styling this dress. For starters, it’s pretty much a summer only piece. Secondly, it’s so full of detail and pattern that it barely needs any dressing up at all – or so I believe, anyway. Just a simple pair of wedges, heels or flats, and you’re done. The best part is, you can really girlie it up – as I’ve done with the white heels here – or completely contradict it with lace-up boots or studded sandals and both will suit it just fine. I kept it simple with my festival hat and felt really, really pretty!

I curled my hair today, something I only do once in a blue moon. My hair is naturally curly anyway but more of an untame, I-will-do-as-I-please curl that just looks more wonky than anything, and is mainly frizz. Curling my hair with proper curling tongs takes forever because my hair is so damn thick. I swear it’s stopped growing downwards and is now just growing outwards.

And – I’m sorry for the lack of a World Cup outfit on Friday! I did wear England colours, I assure you, in the form of a white tank top and some skinny red jeans. But I was so knackered when I got home from work, all me, Phil and our mate Phil could muster up the energy to do was buy some pizza and beer from the supermarket and vegetate on the sofa, pretty much. The game was so disappointing. I’m dreading Wednesday, our final group match. We’re going to have to pull a major miracle to stay in the tournament – and by the way they’ve been playing the last two matches, it ain’t happening. Oh well, come on England, I say! I guess. Thankfully, I’m at work so I won’t have to know the result until somebody is able to sugarcoat it for me. God, I hope Wayne Rooney doesn’t read this!

6 Responses to “Meet Me In The Dollar Bin.”

  1. This outfit is lovely and summery, gorgeous! Haha, I think that’s one of the reasons I love floral dresses so much, you hardly need any accessories and they still look great.
    Well done on getting such a bargain, I’m sooo rubbish at finding good stuff on ebay!

  2. 2 jodi

    oh your dress is so so so cute!!!! i have a obsession with floral patterns!!! the ruffles are adorable i love your hat as well!

  3. this is adorable!!! i love the dress and hat together!! perfect summer look! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. I love this dress!

  5. 5 Helen

    oh that hat is so cute, i love straw boats.

  6. Cute dress, its really sweet!

    Daisy Dayz Home

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