Ode To Orange Hair.


I started putting this together last night, and upon reading my Google Reader this morning, I realised that I Have The Golden Touch has a post celebrating the love of ginger ladies (of which I am entirely with; after all, I was put on this planet nearly 23 years ago with a ginger mop on my head). I felt like I could still post this though because I’m fawning over an unreal shade of orange locks, which probably stems from my love for Hayley Williams from Paramore in part.

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Only three words spring to mind – give, me, and it. Oh how I’ve yearned for punchy orange hair for years. I feel like I could wear anything with it (well, except maybe orange) and my hair would just ping! out. Sadly, I can’t seem to locate any sort of actual permanent orange dye in the UK – yes, adorning the shelves of Boots and Superdrug are all sorts of reds in abundance, and even a couple of auburny-sort-of gingers perched in between, yet not a single ode to the fiery orange. It’s the bitter full stop after weeks and months and years of itches and inclinations to finally just do it, now I’m totally ready! Yet it just seems I may never live my orange dream. Oh, sigh.

What is the most favourite colour you have ever dyed your hair?

7 Responses to “Ode To Orange Hair.”

  1. 1 Helen

    Her orange hair is to die for.

    When I had very very short hair I used to dye it a different colour every month or so. My favourite was candy floss pink. Alas, I now have the sort of job where outrageously coloured hair is frowned upon.

  2. Bright orange hair is soooo good, I think red/orange shades are my favourite colour of dyed hair.
    I’ve never really had any adventurous colours in my hair, just slightly auburny-brown or slightly purply-brown, very unexciting!

    • 4 Kate

      No, they’re exciting! Purple-y hair is gooooood. Is the most adventurous colour I’ve done, anyway!

  3. That colour is fantastic! Could you try online for some dye? I guess to get it that bright would probably involve a lot of bleaching first though? I wish I’d taken more advantage of being able to dye my hair crazy colours when I was a student. These days it would be definitely frowned upon at work. I’ve dyed my hair since I was 15, I don’t even know what my natural colour would be, but I’ve just never been daring enough to try anything crazy!

    • 6 Kate

      I was 15 when I started dying my hair too & have never gone back to my natural colour – I would have no idea what it really is now, since that was 8 years ago! I might search out a brand online, the only one I can think of is Stargazer – proper Camden market sort-of dye – but as far as I remember it’s semi-perm, & it’s henna so it rubs off on EVERYTHING.

  4. I’m currently on the ginger train myself. The first time, I had it done at the hair stylist’s and after that, I tried it at home with all kinfs of different hair dyes which never quite were the right shade.

    The other week, I had it done from a pro again but sadly, two and a half weeks later, none of the colour is there anymore and my hair is back to that not-quite-blond-but-otherwise-colourless state. Meh.

    And I think ginger is definitely my favourite shade :)

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